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You have oldregular loki and you have kid loki, they are the same person living in the same body but with different goals, perspectives, methods and ideas. Thor gets a moment to talk to his brother it would not take long now. Loki smiles and looks at me, we both walk into the garden and there standing a guard of the palace. Sorry if its not the same loki everyone is familiar with but i do hope you still enjoy it. Covers thorloki, tonyloki, lokidarcy, and a couple of others. He lounges back on the long sofa, hardly aware of his surroundings and thor wonders if lokis demeanor is down. A spaceship lands in new york, the gangs getting back together, and it all comes down to this. Licensed to youtube by umg on behalf of universalchamillitary. Suddenly there is a lot of shouting and misunderstandings and chapters that read like glorified keyboard smashes. He hated the gods of asgard and continually sought to overthrow them. But this is an excellent fic for lokis troubled relationship with sleep and the momentary crack in his composure during the time period of the avengers. Usually idfic refers to the authors relationship to the story, but it may refer to the readers. Id love fics where loki is underagenot deaged, but actually physically underage and the avengers realize this and get all bamf.

Odin marvel crack fic extreme trolling lokis a troll mentions of lokisigyn. Loki writes slash fiction because of course he does. Those greenblue eyes flickered over to meet thors deep blue ones. This is awake, you recognise, and elliot pats your belly like a bongo, humming quietly to himself. Thor ripped loki s robes open above the now evident stab wound, wincing at the size of it. Unadulterated smut with uncle loki summary complete after nearly two decades of imprisonment in the dungeons of asgard, loki is released. I can feel his eyes leering on us, his imagination intermingling with his vision as they. Some sugary thorki mpreg content, welldeserved after endgame. This story is set almost 5000 years before the events of thor, and is an attempt to answer a number of questions about that world that were left open, such as. The first half was more focused on thorloki and asgardbased stuff, while.

Loki wasnt the bad guy in the avengers archive of our own. Loki fic rec list covers general fic some of epic length, thor loki, balder loki, and half a dozen other pairings. Surely, loki had remained on asgard, as per fathers orders. The name stems from the notion that the author must have been ingesting some illegal substance just to think up the idea, let alone write it. Theres even a few little sequels to this adorable short fic that prove no matter how different their origins, in the hands of a writer like this some characters just belong together. The easiest type of fanfic to write, and one of the hardest to write well. Share via email report story i can feel his eyes leering on us, his imagination intermingling with his vision as they result in a recipe for disaster. The 100 most popular ships on ao3, ranked june 26, 2017 march 10, 2019 im not going to bother with much preamble, because we all know what ao3 is and we all know why were here. Crack fic is often considered the result of a challenge, either from someone outside the author or from the author himherself. Loki decided to live in midgard forever because he loved his friends and they loved him. As for continuing this into a multichapter, im leaning towards a no for now. Masterlist of fanfiction recommendations lokis army.

Thor and loki multicrack thorki i would say youtube. This is a new blog, im working on loki fanfics as you read this. Read story loki fanfiction by alyssayeo alyssa yeo with 3,204 reads. A common crack pairing in the thor fandom is lokidarcy lewis. Covers thor loki, tony loki, loki darcy, and a couple of others. Thor and loki are hunters in the supernatural universe.

Loki pc game trainer cheat playfix nocd nodvd gamecopyworld. Guarding the prisoner loki while shield frantically searches for the tesseract is not how ophelia wanted to spend her time. Jarvis iron man movies natasha romanov marvel friends to lovers. His little brothers pale face was staring up at the sky, chest barely moving as he struggled for breath. See more ideas about tom hiddleston, toms and tom hiddleston loki.

Odin and laufey realize their kids are going to have another war and kill. Crack loki is a troll tony is a horse steve is a sweetie genderbending. I tried to bring you out of that one as fast i could. Steve rogersdarcy lewis is inexplicably popular in fic as well, despite the fact that theyve never shared a sceneor been in the same movie. Before thor and loki were born, events took place that would have a direct effect on their lives. I cant believe i saw a real life legal loli yesterday. Fics that deal with loki being jotun, and the racial prejudice hes faced on asgard. Obviously ive read my share of bad fic and awesome fic that is significantly better then most things that get published, but theres that whole category of cliche crack generally batshit insane fairly wellwritten fic that isnt badfic, but isnt exactly good fic, and is awesomeinterestingfun. Lmao when pierce brags about how odin can have what is left of loki like he has the ability to hurt him. Loki fic rec list covers general fic some of epic length, thorloki, balderloki, and half a dozen other pairings. The dude who survived a freaking wormhole in space, survived thanos. Unfortunately, what fury ordered is what he gets, considering it was ophelias own fault that she was in trouble. This is a relationship study of thor and loki s relationship, across a large stretch of time, and its heavy on the melodramatic angst in a way that really works, that.

This idea is completely unworkable, but i bet i can make it work. A type of fiction where it is believed that the author must be on crack to have written such a story because its so bizarre or off the wall often, a facial expression after reading one of these crackfics is o. The fic is still in progress, but is still worth reading. It is his prerogative to survive by any means necessary and he is taken aback. This is probably my second official loki story i ever wrote in my entire life. Exe file with the one from the file archive play the game. We are going to peruse archive of our own for the rest of the day and unearth it. This is a relationship study of thor and lokis relationship, across a large stretch of time, and its heavy on the melodramatic angst in a way that really works, that really pulls you in and draws those characters and put them in an epic landscape. I havent posted a fanfiction in at least a year, so take it easy on me.

In a burst of rage, loki writes a scathing story about the avengers, which leads to. Sort of sort of not crack also sort of and sort of not pov tony stark loki feels. The premise is a celebration of those fics you should be ashamed of enjoying and you know theyre. Loki synonyms, loki pronunciation, loki translation, english dictionary definition of loki. Im i huge clint barton aka hawkeye fan so expect all of my projects to be about him, hope you enjoy this story, it was planned to be a oneshot, but after a lot of thinking i decided it would be better to put another couple of chapters where all the avengers can participate in helping the little hawk.

Despite better judgement tony saves loki from the fate of becoming s. Its practically a hurtcomfort fic, with stitch understanding lokis situation and lilo and her family opening their hearts to another lost alien being. Run for the light by walktheboat recommended by camomille synopsis. Loki is brought back to asgard, but that hardly means a closure for. A commentfic is a short story that is written for another person within that small text field, usually as a gift. Do you perhaps have any recommended loli hentai for me to watch or read.

Rules for recommending fanfiction fanfiction will be displayed as. Loki and kamala khan are going on a valentines day brawl nothing says teenage crush like crashing a high school dance and hair pulling. I always love mature thorki parents after tr, but there is something fascinating about young thorki parents, babyfaced thor and loki bringing up. Fics where loki is a single father, and maybe his child is being hurtkept away from him. Yes, shoujo ramune is a very recommended one for lewding early teen and infant lolis. Unadulterated smt with uncle loki avengers fanfiction. Loki, brother of thor, spy for asgard, god of mischief, has written slash fan fiction. If thor was willing to give their lost brotherhood a chance, loki was too. I smile and think hard of how im going to tell him.

The thought gave thor an unsteady feeling of nervous fear. Tom hiddleston fan fiction, loki series number one. Underage, and slightly incestuous, dont like, dont read. But here are some fics that i go to when i want to read about loki getting beat up. Feb 19, 2014 loki, brother of thor, spy for asgard, god of mischief, has written slash fan fiction. Loki is desperate for the physical affection denied to him. Its an arranged marriage, but it wont stop thor and loki from being happy together.

He tried, in vain, to heal the oozing wound, desperately trying to help his baby brother. Recs, loki centric tearjerker well basiclly what the title says, im looking for loki centric fics thatll make me weep from all the feels. Intelligent, sassy, shunned by her subjects for her mixed ancestry, and lashing out as pay back. Will start off writing an endearingly small and clever story but all hell breaks loose by chapter three. A fan fiction recs list for loki hurtcomfort and whump stories. However, loki was afraid that when those mortals saw him, their most likely angry and violent reaction would remind thor of all the reasons why loki should not be trusted. Its practically a hurtcomfort fic, with stitch understanding loki s situation and lilo and her family opening their hearts to another lost alien being. Not to mention he voluntarily let himself be captured by shield.

Basically, fics that address the rather prejudicedhorrible ways loki s been treated by his family, and have the avengers finding outreacting too this. Your name login to post using username, leave blank to post as anonymous your name. At a cost no one can forget, the fight is overfor all but one. Warning slash naughty words something weird im back bitcheeezzzz. Norse mythology a god who created discord, especially among his fellow gods. Information and translations of crack fic in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Thor fandom overview thorloki ill be yours by sarkywoman r, 9,884 words reasons. In fact in many cases it doesnt have to be humorous.

The 100 most popular ships on ao3, ranked the niche. The most common problem getting a nocdnodvd patch to work is ensuring that the nocdnodvd patch matches youre game version, because the games exe is changed when a patch update is applied previous versions wont work. Au, crack, genderswap, kink, plot, sex pollen, trope andor wingfic. Gen or slash basically any pairing is good to me but my favorite is loki tony and loki steve. Fics that deal with loki being jotun, and the racial prejudice hes faced. Behind those eyes are intelligent plans destined to snuff us out like.

It was made to be the moment iron man addresses loki as my stuff in the movie the avengers. With a heavy heart but unreadable expression on his face, loki stepped out of the spaceship. Ill put them up as soon as i finish the first few, and from then i will work on a new story every week. Comment fic refers to a convenient form of feedback written on the spot into an online dialogue box at the end of a story or chapter or other post. Search, discover and share your favorite loki fanfiction gifs. Loki walks back over to me and says, now, time to have a blast with you.

A story direct from the id may but does not have to be of low writing quality, but because it satisfies kinks, either sexual or emotional, it remains compelling. The reckoning has been a long time coming, and now its here. Him insisting that he wont get covid19 because hes a god. Tony stark defeats him through the power of cuddles. The fabulous ship of tony stark iron man with loki laufeyson, most ideally defined by. Thor fandom overview thor loki ill be yours by sarkywoman r, 9,884 words reasons. The scars life leaves a loki love story sadie the lady completed romance 5 months ago. Today, loki and the rest of the avengers argue about who is sexier and who is best otp. While it is similar to alternate universe fic, in that they both change some fundamental aspect of the source material, the somethings different about this idea is taken to the extreme. So from now on, ill be keeping track of good fics via my ao3 bookmarks. His notsoinnocent and full of mischief niece, grace thorsdottir.

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