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Another nice thing about the synology nas is its software manager had plex listed, so i thought i was home free to just install that and go. Now they evolved and offer products for home, smb, and even enterprise products. Reason for a success is an incredibly useful operating system. Thats going to have a bad time transcoding anything other than sd content and predigested stuff. On the playback settings in emby server management when i set to use hardware transcoding, intel quick sync i get a spinning circle that doesnt stop. Ds218play supports 4k live transcoding via video station and ds video, allowing 4k videos to be instantly converted and played on tv, smartphone, and other media players that originally do not support ultra hd formats. Without the app installed, ds video tries to play back the stream via the. Sep 10, 2019 surveillance station is the perfect choice if youre new to the process of collecting the feed from cctv cameras, go for a synology unit. Additionally, there was a whole lot of new information on diskstation manager 7.

They grew from an soho niche player to a beast it is today. At this point, if you had placed video files in the default video folder on the dsm s hard disk, you might possibly need to move them temporarily out of that folder to prevent the video station reinstall from automatically reindexing everything. While users may access the service via different connection methods, the system will automatically generate sharing links based on. For those who are unsure about the process, the steps i took were as follows. Mp4 compatible with the broadest range of media players such as mobile devices and smart tvs. Video station helps you manage all the movies, tv shows, and home videos on your synology nas. I particularly enjoy their shoutcast radio stations, but i havent figured out how to. The newer synology devices are getting better at transcoding and. Which nas has the better surveillance capabilities. You can classify videos in your personal collections and then share them with friends and family online. This is done to provide data to the client in a format it.

Users can remotely start the transcoding process via a smartphone or web browser, and then download the file to mobile devices so it can be watched without an internet connection. A lot of people prefer this because they can pick out there own more powerful processor and ram to handle things like transcoding video. Synology, the maker of some of the best nas hardware and software on the market, recently announced the release of their latest operating software, dsm 4. Select apply the classification to all videos in the folder. Manages all the movies, tv shows, and home videos stored on your synology nas with metadata automatically retrieved from the internet. Can my synology nas transcode videos for my device. Both dsms videostation and plex software packages will transcode video files stored on the diskstation device. Synology adds hardware video transcoding and more to consumer nas. Download station is a synology package that can use bittorrent or usenet to download files, and includes support for rss feeds.

Some of the new features are virtualization with docker, 4k video transcoding, and even apple watch support. Synology dsm on a custom built nas xpenology guide nas. Can a synology nas transcode a video and save it to a disk. Although the two nas brands are pretty even when it comes to the features surveillance software that they use, qnap has to be the winner in this segment. What i can read over there is, that you have to activate hardware transcoding under video station you have to install in the package center. Different synology nas models are equipped with different transcoding. Before i do, i wanted to know if anyone has the 416lay or ds216play and has had success with the intel hardware acceleration. So, it is not possible to play video files with dts audio. Ds416play hardware transcoding synology emby community. When you just drop a file onto the nas nothing happens to it besides indexing if youre using video station plex. Centralize data storage and backup, streamline file collaboration, optimize video management, and secure network deployment to facilitate data management. Install the ffmpeg package from the synology community reccomended go to the.

This information is sometimes buried down in the fine print. Transcoding without a valid serial number software. In this video we install video station on our synology nas. Versatile nas server for centralized file storage and realtime 4k h.

I have only used it as a bt client, not for usenet. How to transcode and stream 4k video with synology. Called file station, this app is accessed in the dsm software using your web browser and can be used to organize, share and access any of the data stored on the nas. For those who are unsure about the process, the steps i took. Sep 01, 2016 this video is intended to show you what to look for in the has hardware if you want to run an application that does video transcoding.

Interestingly, photo station features popular cms integration. Below are tables indicating the behavior of synology nas in respective scenarios. Surveillance station is the perfect choice if youre new to the process of collecting the feed from cctv cameras, go for a synology unit. By using video station, ds video or media server, you can stream your video collection on. Video station not transcoding mkv page 10 qnap nas. Are you referring to a specific application that runs on the synology nas. By default the video station on the synolgy dsm dont support dts. I just got an update on the qvideo app for ipad and on the description is says only supports. Jul 12, 20 please turn on caption, change color of font if necessary. Synology ds218 comes with a new 64bit quadcore processor, delivering excellent data transfer speed, large storage volume management, and 10bit 4k h. Can my synology nas transcode 4k videos for my device.

Home board index multimedia photo station, music station, video station workaround for mkvac3dts transcoding please post your questions about using the webbased photo, music, video. Mar 17, 2017 synology also added the offline transcoding queue feature, which enables users to easily monitor the transcoding status of video station. Restart the dsm now to make sure everything about the video station is cleared out of memory. Oct 08, 2017 ffmpeg eac3 andor dts support in video station for dsm 6. Photo station image organisation software, audio station which brings output support for dlna, itunes server, airplay and bluetooth speakers and video. Video transcoding for hd dtv live streaming is not supported. Transcoding on qnap is a really boring story and not much more than a vague promise. Using synology video station to watch rmvb hong kong tv serials on ipad patnotebook. Plex than using a native playback with synology or qnap video station. It also comes with 4k video transcoding support, ideal for streaming ultrahigh definition media contents. You can manually add videos to be transcoded using the file station, photo station, or video station. Mar 02, 2018 another nice thing about the synology nas is its software manager had plex listed, so i thought i was home free to just install that and go. The following is a list of video transcoding software.

Best video format for synology and sharing, without losing quality. Synology is one of the most successful nas vendors. This will also save money and make you more flexible in the long term. Transcoding involves taking a videoaudio stream and converting it from one format to another. Transcoding without a valid serial number sign in to follow this. Download this app from microsoft store for windows 10, windows 10 mobile, windows phone 8. Jul 18, 2012 synology, the maker of some of the best nas hardware and software on the market, recently announced the release of their latest operating software, dsm 4. After a little bit of reverse engineering i was able to bypass the license checking mechanism introduced in dsm 6 successfully with a simple two line binary patch of synocodectool and therefore enable transcoding without a valid serial number.

Jun 18, 2018 you may have to clarify your question a little bit. Video transcoding considerations on a synology nas youtube. If your media player app cant play video, you can also use the program to. There are 2 possible solution to solve this problem. Second question, the videos i have to transcode in ds video once they have. Try to follow this guide and if its not working come back here.

Synology adds hardware video transcoding and more to consumer. I tried with movie arrival french audio track was in ac3 english in dts. Synology adds hardware video transcoding and more to. Ds video allows you to log in to video station securely and effortlessly.

The best video format is one your playback devices can play without transcoding. Next up is the video station which is both a streaming service as well as a media library to sort and organize your collection for the best. Browsing is made easy as your videos are sorted in different libraries, and each movies has its information retrieved online automatically. You must own a synology nas to run this app, and be running dsm 5. Access and stream your 4k media content anytime and anywhere. Ds video fails to transcode, video plays in ds file.

Theses are all the original open sources that are tied to videostation and not. Which, to be fair i was, it worked fine but i did notice plex glitching on large media and with some digging found that plex hardware encoding wasnt enabled even though both nas devices definitely. Video station also features offline transcoding and better chromecast support. If you want to see any particular section, timestamp.

With featurerich diskstation manager dsm at your disposal, ds620slim is an ideal file server delivering seamless file synchronization and solid backup solution while securely safeguarding your critical services. Synology revamping dsm, adding virtualization, 4k transcoding. Photo station has an option to automatically add watermark thumbnails to your pictures. Queue section action when encrypted rar is downloadedabort.

Starting video station importing videos to the qnap nas using. Else some apps even allow you to use cloud to get the rmvb files. Software support for smooth streaming has traditionally come only from. They are both working but i suggest to use the first solution. Moreover, it can stream videos to various devices computers, smartphones, media players, and tvs to provide you with nonstop, fun watching experience. So you can benefit from the powerful multimedia and cloudfeatures of dsm without buying the hardware nas from synology. Describing what transcoding is, how to set it up in video station and dvblink apps and a realtime demo. One of the reasons to consider using video station over plex is that it has the ability to transcode video in real time on the nas device itself. File sharing easily access your files from computers and mobile devices. I dont mind so much if the way to do so is to use clunky software from synology, but my previous impression was that there was no way for me to use the transcoding at all without additional software and licenses, which may not be the case looking forward to digging into this more when i get back home.

Backup and stream 4k video with unsupported synology nas to devices. Awardwinning operating system with an intuitive user interface. Table 1 shows the video transcoding capabilities of. Getting plex with hardware encoding running on synology. We are having issues with videos we are uploading to synology. In download station, open settings gear in lower left corner. Objective of test is to evaluate the capability of the customized nas when performing. Oct 07, 2015 synology is launching a longterm beta of dsm 6. I recently setup my ds416play with emby and ive noticed its eating up quite a bit of cpu when transcoding which totally makes sense since ive not enabled the hardware level transcoding. Ffmpeg eac3 andor dts support in video station for dsm 6. Converted files with a range of resolutions can be used across different network environments for a better viewing experience.

Video station and photo station are both not working. Synology drive server allows users to manage and share files efficiently with simple links. Manage all transcoding tasks using the following buttons. Video station comes with an embedded player which allows you to play videos. Plays and streams video collections on your computer, dlnaupnpcompliant dmas, airplay devices, and iosandroid devices with a transcoder for videos not supported by devices. With video station and ds video, you can convert and play 4k videos from any computer, mobile device, or other media players that dont support ultra hd formats. In dsm, open package center and install download station. I suspect the hardware transcoding blurb is to do with some flavour of h264 accelerator be it a dedicated chip or. Most synology products are equipped with the capability in software, able to. Currently playing hd 1080p video on nvidia shield client app and ffmeg is running using 25%cpu on synology. Transcoding is the process of converting video files into an universal format. The top nas for video transcoding 2017 nas compares. The dsm software offers a vast array of features and we plan to cover the key aspects, perhaps the most basic of which is the very feature you would expect to find on. Personal servers can be cool and featurefilled too.

Apr 19, 2016 i have the same problem with transcoding. Media server is a powerful multimedia package that can transcode stream videos on your synology nas into a dlnacompatible format. Best video format for synology and sharing, without losing. Transcoding without a valid serial number software modding. From above lists, we can see that when you are trying to stream 4k video on synology ds216 play via media server, the 4k video transcoding is not available for synology ds216play. Please note that your streaming depends on the hardware you are using. The first thing to do is to head over to the app store and download the following applications, synology video station and synology media server. Plex hardware transcode third party packages xpenology. Synology also added the offline transcoding queue feature, which enables users to easily monitor the transcoding status of video station. Ds218play supports 4k live transcoding via video station and ds video, allowing 4k videos to be instantly. If you are going to be using download station for torrents, a vpn is recommended for obvious reasons.

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