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Book banding is a national scheme that grades childrens reading books according to the difficulty of the text. It can be used in conjunction with the search tool at to fit any nonreading scheme book into your schools reading scheme instead of spending hours reading the. A book band reading scheme provides a comprehensive. Most reading scheme books are given a book band colour by their publisher, which will be based on the book s level of difficulty. When children start school the one thing that is the most confusing other than where do all those lost jumpers and water bottles go. These are carefully graded by reading levels known as book bands. In uk schools, book bands are used across different reading schemes to indicate the reading level of each book. They will progress up the book bands as they gain more confidence and ability in reading. Reading chest has a vast selection of reading books, which are used in schools across the uk. When a child is learning to read, it is important that they have access to lots of different kinds of books and a wide vocabulary. Primary school reading levels and book bands in key stage. Book bands are crucial for schools to help them grade ks1 and ks2 reading books and provide children with books at the right reading level.

But primary school reading schemes, book bands and. Primary school reading levels and book bands in key stage 1. Compare book bands to phonics phase and nc level agerelated expectations. Book bands are used in schools across the uk as graded reading levels for childrens books. Book band collections for primary schools pandora books. Children will be assessed and given a book band, which will be their original reading level. Book bands and free book band resources for schools booklife. This means that when you know your childs book band, you will be able to select books from different reading schemes with confidence, knowing that they are the right level for your child. Lexile levels for uk book bands here is a table that ive put together that correlates between age, national curriculum level, oxford reading tree book band and lexile level. Book levels and book bands crossreferencing reading recovery book level book band colour band approximate national curriculum level letters and. Searching for accelerated reader books is fun and easy with this free online tool. The book band system helps schools to carefully grade their books by difficulty level.

Oxford reading tree, heinemann storyworlds, heinemann literacy world, collins big cat. Files included 1 brightoncollege bookbands comparisonchart. Book levels are determined using the atos readability formula. Not the learning to read because the phonics system makes sense.

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