Ura master plan 2008 pdf

The urban redevelopment authority ura is using special 3d technology to study the underground as a strategic resource, it said on wednesday mar 27 at. If you have trouble understanding what is master plan from ura, continue reading ura gazettes master plan 2008. The master plan has evolved from being a plan which simply reflected preceding land use amendments to one which focuses on planning ahead for future developments. Master plan 2014 has been replaced by the master plan 2019, which was gazetted on 27 nov 2019. More than just colourful splashes on paper, the master plan has been instrumental in guiding singapores physical development over the last 60 years. To facilitate urban planning, the urban redevelopment authority ura divides singapore into 55. Masterplan of singapores underground spaces ready by 2019. The master plan 2008 app was the first iphoneipad application made available. Parliamentary debates, official report 27 august 2008, vol. The master plan is to be read in conjunction with its written statement 2019. Planning for a sustainable singapore harvard asia consulting. I have checked the ura master plan 2008, but it does not. Amendments to master plan urban redevelopment authority.

The urban redevelopment authority ura, singapores national landuse. This is to optimise our limited land, and to ensure the current and future needs of the people are met. To access master plan 2019 and past master plans, please refer to ura space. The master plan 2019 is officially gazetted on 27 november 2019. In 2008, ura exhibited and published the draft master plan 2008 for online public. This longterm planning involves broad strategies, identifying land for various needs, and establishing singapores overall development pace. Singapore the urban redevelopment authority ura on monday july 11 launched a request for proposal, inviting multidisciplinary teams to. The statutory master plan was completed in 1955 and approved in 1958. Redevelopment authority ura, mnd makes a concerted effort to ensure. The master plan 2014 mobile app will be decommissioned on 11 dec 2019. The master plan mp is the statutory land use plan which guides singapores development in the medium term over the next 10 to 15 years. Ura puts out call for masterplan proposals to develop. The draft version of the plan has been online since months back and has already interestingly piped the way that our country will be shaped the next 10 years. Read answers from real estate professionals in singapore to i have checked the ura master plan 2008, but it does not have a plot ratio number on the plot for the property i am looking at, then how would i know what is the plot ratio.

In planning for singapores land use, we take a longterm approach. Recently, ura unveiled a development plan in february 2008 under. Previous master plans urban redevelopment authority. We will continue to find innovative ways to overcome our land. The feedback we collect helps to improve ura s draft proposals, and having our stakeholders codevelop ideas with us builds a sense of community and ownership in the plans. Reviewed every five years, the master plan translates the broad longterm strategies of the concept plan into detailed plans to guide the development of land and. List of gazetted approved amendments to master plan 2019. Pdf urban lighting masterplan a step towards creating. Details on uras website at keen to understand the impact of the master plan and potential places to buy a. Download fulltext pdf urban lighting masterplan a step towards creating smarter cities conference paper pdf available december 2016 with 857 reads. The plan, which maps out singapores underground spaces and their potential uses, will be released as part of the next master plan guiding the countrys development in the medium term. Urban planning is currently undertaken within a comprehensive framework. For the love of physics walter lewin may 16, 2011 duration.

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