Usb floppy drive for mac

This drive is designed to work with all versions of osx on any intel based mac. I was quite unsure if this was going to work, but after i connected and it gave me no errors. Find low everyday prices and buy online for delivery or instore pickup. There are two parts two connecting any device to a mac. Kick your computer up a notch with this versatile external floppy disk drive. I have copied files to the drive though it was more to. Except for the pre1986 macs that have builtin 400k floppy drives, all macs running system 3 through mac os 9. Lgr using a floppy disk drive on a smartphone youtube. Floppy disk compatibility and incompatibility in the mac. If your device has a usb connector and your mac has usb port, then you can connect it. Likely, your best option is to find an external usb floppy drive. Pace developed the usb floppy enabler in response to the needs of customers using its interlok antipiracy products, a fifth generation tool set for protecting, distributing and selling software. The original imac in 1998 was the first not to have a floppy drive.

Kostefficiente externe floppy disk drivelichtgewicht diskette driveeenvoudig aan te sluiten, hot. Lets set up an android device to play msdos games from a. Ultra compacte, lichtgewicht usb floppy disk drive. However, the issues youre likely to face relate to. An external floppy drive will only have whatever connection is necessary to hook it up to the computer, usually a cable with a usb typea connector. The mac need to communicate with the external device. Apple mac 400kb, 800kb en 1,44mb diskette formaten retro. Usb external floppy disk drive portable reader for mac windows 10 pc computer. Usb external floppy disk drive portable reader for mac. What is not wellknown is that these drives, being more generic, lack a. Will an external usb floppy drive work with a modern mac.

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