Sendmail ostype solaris 10 patches

Topics are described for both sparc and x86 systems, where appropriate. Reverse dependencies 0 reverse dependencies are solaris packages that depends on sendmail. Setting up sendmail sasl to handle smtp auth with the release of solaris 11. Other patches and additions for sendmail and known problems. You may want to use relay instead of ok to allow also relaying instead of just disabling the dns lookups in the backlists. According to the faq, if you want use the accessdb feature in sendmail you must compile and add the berkley db package db4. Its simple admin stuff i know, but i only really know enough sendmail solaris to be dangerous and nothing more. Hp openmail from 10359410 4028707 sendmail should use siocgifnum. This page covers the configuration of sendmail on solaris 7 and solaris 8 to send outgoing mail to an isp using smtp. A copy of the mc config file is available below solaris sendmail smf configuration and dependency on file system. I have been happily chugging away for the past 5 years with my solaris 8 server on my home network, using sendmail 8. So the issue is the imap or pop3 part of the puzzle. The ostype macro defines what system this file is on.

New solaris 10 os patches are now available from mos by the tuesday closest to 17th of each month. That host will then resolve local addresses or send to other destinations to the outside world or our barracuda and on to exchange via definitions in the local aliases file or. Sendmail experts tend to call themselves wizardsas if complex, buggy, mysterious, hardtouse software is acceptable. Senior solaris unix systems administrator 9 3752357 cg. Solaris 11 global zone must have minimum 7gb of free space for solaris 10 zone installation. Hi, by default sendmail is configured for local email only. If i telnet to my mailrelay on port 25 and compose an email that way it works. The patches that are listed in this chapter have been applied to the solaris 10 operating system in one of the following ways. For more information, see how to obtain administrative rights in oracle solaris administration. The ultimate solaris sendmail troubleshooting guide the. Libraries dependencies 0 the following tables display the sub list of packages, from the reverse dependencies, that depends on the libs provided by sendmail. This is to make sendmail more secure by not giving out setuid for root in the binary, unlike solaris 8 and below which has one queue varspoolmqueue.

Problem detected by michal zalewski, patch from todd c. Could you please guide me how should i configure sendmail on solaris so that i can send mail from solaris server. A question about sendmail on solaris10 and 11 oracle. Contents 1 create a dns zone record for mail smtp 1. External sendmail smtp mail server configuration on solaris.

How to send mail using command prompt in solaris 10. You must restart sendmail daemon after editing file. Changing the sendmail configuration oracle solaris. In either case i dont know of any servers that come with solaris so you need to install them on your own. The sendmail or bat book, the bible for sendmail users, is 8 pages long sendmail has poor addon integration with useful filters such as spamassassin, procmail, ssl certificates, and various blackhole lists people who favor sendmail seem to like gratuitous complexity. My client needs this log file every two hour in his mail. A question about sendmail on solaris 10 and 11 unixfan12 may 3, 2015 3. This file, is used to run sendmail in mailsubmission program mode instead of daemon mode. Jul 28, 2016 hi i need to send mail from command prompt in solaris to public domain, i have my email account in some popular service provider like aol, gmail, yahoo, hotmail. Usually i send manual mail through mailx command, as sendmail is configured with relay server, but i am not sure, how to attach file in a mail and set it in cronjob. Does solaris 10 sendmail support smtp auth server fault. On solaris libmilter may get into an endless loop if an error in the.

March 14, 2010 unix clear, mail queue, mailq, mqueue, sendmail disbale, sendmail stop, solaris 10 jamal ahmed. I have a sendmail server on a solaris 10 server thats stopped working. Which means that solaris can now handle smtp auth out of the box. Im also one of the unix security dudes for the center for internet security. If i make changes do i only have to stop and start the snedmail service or do i need to do more. Ensure that the proper ownerships and file permissions are applied to sendmail binary, configuration file, sendmail scripts and other sendmail directories and files. With rapid7 live dashboards, i have a clear view of all the assets on my network, which ones can be exploited, and. The solaris 9 and 10 patches which address this issue will update sendmail directly to. Therefore, the files provided with your system probably are similar to the ones. The solaris 10 1008 patch list provides a list of patches preapplied to the solaris 10 1008 release.

How to migrate solaris 10 global zone into solaris 11. Hello, i just installed solaris 10 and my sendmail works. Setting up sendmail sasl to handle smtp auth i thought i would finally get smtp auth working on my solaris 11 servers, so that i could then setup my phone to send email correctly. May 18, 2011 in solaris 9 and above, sendmail uses a 2 queue paradigm structure varspoolmqueue and varspoolclientmqueue. Any help is greatly appreciated currently our sendmail. Optionalif you have a mail gateway, send mail from the mail host to another domain to ensure that the relay mailer and host are configured properly. This book is for anyone responsible for administering one or more systems that run the oracle solaris 10 release. Ensure that the most recent patch of sendmail is installed. Sendmail smtp mail server configuration on solaris elis. How to test the mail configuration managing sendmail. If your isp delivers incoming mail by means of smtp, please also read configuring sendmail to accept incoming email. I think the solaris 10 user manual has more information on the new way services are loaded up in solaris 10. This is to make sendmail more secure by not giving out setuid for root in the binary, unlike solaris 8 and below which has one. Any changes to the configuration files, requires the refresh the sendmail service.

A security vulnerability in sendmail1m versions prior to. The versions of ssh and sendmail that ship with solaris 10 will automatically use tcp wrappers to filter access if a hosts. Each sendmail role now uses it own configuration file and spool directory. Sendmail experts tend to call themselves wizardsas if complex, buggy, mysterious, hardtouse software is. The localonly mode means that only mail from the local host is accepted. The solaris 8 patches which will address this vulnerability will update sendmail to version 8. The updated solaris 10 os recommended patchset will be available by the next day, wednesday, assuming there are new patches released which meet its inclusion criteria that is, patches which address security or other critical issues. Sendmail has poor addon integration with useful filters such as spamassassin, procmail, ssl certificates, and various blackhole lists. So i download the db file, compile it, and sendmail still complains. By default on solaris 9 and 10, this mta is the mta running on the local host. Configuring sendmail to relay messages to another server part 4.

Mailsubmission program mode, unlike daemon mode, does not require root privilege, so this new paradigm provides better security. Ive gone through all the steps iterated in the install file but when the program runs it cannot deliver local mail. Configuring sendmail to masquerade your messages part 3. But i want to send a mail using cli prompt, can someone tell me which client can help me to achieve this and the way to configure that.

The domain macro is used to pull in another file into the resulting sendmail. To determine the version of sendmail 1m running on a system, the mconnect1 command can be used, as in the. This issue only affects systems which have sendmail enabled. This usually results in having to manually restore the sendmail. If any of the sendmail configuration file has a wrong permission, the sendmail daemon would not work properly. However, it is a good idea to bring it to single user mode before applying the patch cluster. Now you have to configure for sending email out of your domain. Optionalif you have set up a uucp connection on your phone line to another host, send mail to someone at that host. Historically sendmail was installed as a setuid binary that was owned by user root. There is a request generated by customer that they want solaris 10 box to use as relay an external smtp server. The prototype files that come with the sendmail tar are not ready to run. What i would like to do is have all my solaris 10 systems send to one solaris 10 mailhost alias is mailsrv. I cant seem to find anything about failed messages in varadm sendmail.

Solaris 10 patches now on monthly release cadence oracle. But you should check for yourself on your own system. Jul 30, 2016 the difference between the sendmail daemon in solaris 9 10 and prior versions with the release of sendmail 8. Mar 14, 2010 3 thoughts on solaris 10 sendmail stopstart steve says. A similar page describes the compilation, installation and configuration of fetchmail to collect incoming mail from an isps pop3 server. In order for sendmail not to come online if fs1 is not mounted, the below properties need to be added to smf. If you have seen my previous post you will see that solaris 11 cant do it with the standard software. Upgrading sendmail to postfix on solaris oracle solaris blog. The version of sendmail on my solaris 10 9 10 box is 8. In solaris 9 and above, sendmail uses a 2 queue paradigm structure varspoolmqueue and varspoolclientmqueue. Configuring sendmail to relay messages from other servers sendmail masquerading now that youve got your sendmail up and running its time to do some tweaking. There is a script that comes bundled with sendmail to verify the permissions of the sendmail related files in etcmail directory.

The solaris 9 and 10 patches which address this issue will update sendmail directly to version 8. Sendmail configuration is complex, but configuring sendmail as a relay is probably one of the most common tasks. In solaris 9 we used dmdomain which cured the problem. Live upgrade allows the system admin to upgrade or patch a running system with the only downtime being the server reboot once the upgrade or patch is complete. Reverse dependencies are solaris packages that depends on sendmail. Have that person send mail back or call you when the message is received. You will need the sendmailcf package if you ever need to reconfigure. The purpose of the ostype macro is to tell sendmail where it should look for. Sendmail s long life has made it complicated to configure and maintain, but it makes up for its drawbacks with its ability to do just about anything. I have made one script to analyze the things and then send the mail to related persons but i am not able to send mails. Solaris 10 physical server must be running with solaris 10 10 11 update.

Sendmail is one of the oldest and mostly widely used mtas in the world. Earlier solaris releases were configured to accept incoming mail from all remote systems, which is known as the. They must be edited and then processed by the m4 macro processor to produce the actual configuration files. As a solaris administrator, you will encounter two versions of sendmail. The book covers a broad range of solaris network administration topics such as remote file systems, mail, slp, and ppp. 42 fixed typo in spec file fixed aliases_dir patch. That has always been all thats needed to configure sendmail on solaris since sol.

You can use the openssl command to connect to your server with smtp over tls. The mailer macros define which of the many different delivery methods this configuration file will use. Patches released after the solaris 10 1008 release can be found on the my oracle support. By removing the stock sendmail packages, sendmail patches will not be installed. How to configure sendmail to use tls bob cromwell on. Cannot send mail on solaris 10 with sendmail 807557 aug 30, 2005 6. You will need to add dns record, domain name in sendmail configuration. There is now the option to tag entries in the access map according to their type. You will find an smtp sendmail shell script that is used to startup sendmail afaik. This is a minor change to this version of sendmail, however, these are the only patches which are required to address this vulnerability in solaris 8.

All prevented my messages from going out correctly. It is the default mta for most unix distributions, including hps hpux, ibms aix, and sun microsystems solaris os. Although im not an expert, ill point you to some information that may be helpful. Solaris 8 configuring sendmail relay noauth inbound. Review smtpgreetingmessage to ensure that the smtp login message omits version information. Solaris live upgrade is an excellent way to manage solaris operating system upgrades and patches. I am trying to setup solaris 10 mail clients and server. Live upgrade accomplishes this trick by employing boot environments. The difference between the sendmail daemon in solaris 9 10 and prior versions with the release of sendmail 8. How to apply a solaris recommended patch cluster solaris. The etcmail directory consists of a subdirectory cf containing all the necessary files required to build a file to support a readonly usr file system, the content of the usrlibmail directory has been moved to the etcmailcf directory in oracle solaris 10.

Cannot send mail on solaris 10 with sendmail oracle. Sendmail problem after solaris 10 patch cluster i do have a mail relay i have to go through so i cant hit the outside world directly. People who favor sendmail seem to like gratuitous complexity. Security vulnerability in sendmail1m versions prior to 8. Solaris 10 sendmail configuration is such that sendmail will only run in local mode, thus rejecting connections from other hosts.

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