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If you want, you can create new style ips packages and old style svr4 packages for solaris 10. The original answer applied to solaris 11 expressnonofficial release. Solaris 11 creating and maintaining zfs pools the urban. Oracle solaris 11 kernel sourcecode leaked phoronix. Installations can be customized after the initial install process. The contents can be printed or downloaded for personal use only. Download templates for oracle vm virtualbox, for oracle vm server for sparc, and for an oracle solaris 10 zone to run on oracle solaris 11 releases. The post describes steps to replace a failed disk in rpool for x86 based systems. We need to use different commands to check the disk size on different flavors of unix. In real time environments like prod, uat or dev in the data centers usually we dont have internet connection to access the default oracle ips repository. Dell emc supports zfs in solaris 10 1106 and later updates and solaris 11.

For details see the fdisk1m, prtvtoc1m, and fmthard1m man page. Script to format 4 new disks in solaris 11 the unix and. Emc host connectivity guide for oracle solaris dell technologies. Oracle solaris 11 downloads installation from cddvd or usb. Disk slices oracle solaris 11 system administration. I can find solaris10 versions to download, but no previous solaris 11 versions. Has anyone cloned an entire disk using the latest live version of clonezilla that you can run either pcbsd 10. How to label multiple disks by using the prtvtoc and fmthard commands. May 18, 2012 downloading solaris images from oracle using wget 2 comments posted by jflaster on may 18, 2012 i came across this in a post by steve scargall in the oracle forums, this post is a rehash of his solution. Howto verify if a bootblk is installed on the boot disk sparc a beginners guide to veritas dynamic multipathing vxdmp solaris. Jul 05, 2016 greetings, where do i download the solaris 11. Find out how to install and update oracle solaris 11. Make sure you select the option in your dvd creation. Just download gcc from its homepage, follow one of the mirror links to fetch the latest binary package in.

The tool pkgbuild is for building packages on solaris 11 openindiana from rpmlike spec files. Synopsis prtvtoc fhs t vfstab m mnttab device description. The prtvtoc command allows the contents of the label to be viewed. Extract the zipfiles into some suitable location like vartmpsru. I had used oracle provided default configured solaris server vm image which you can download using the below link. Example 11 9 labeling multiple disks in this example, the disk label from c2t0d0s0 is copied to four other disks. Select a release from the list above to see all of the packages available for it. Which solaris 11 download package to use the unix and. Oracle solaris 11 uses profilebased network configuration, which is comprised of two network configuration modes. Which download package should i use to install the whole solaris 11 os.

Sizing up solaris memory with the rmcmem package using sun solaris. As stated earlier, slices 8 and 9 are used for purposes specific to x86. In this post we are going to see how to install and configure oracle solaris automated installer. Oracle solaris built in virtualization provides a highly efficient and scalable solution that sits at the core of the platform. Sun used to have their own download manager which resumed a download when it had failed. If you want to install them in the global zone only, use the g parameter of the pkgadd command. Oracle solaris provides a flexible, cost efficient, cloudready solution perfect for your data center. Im almost brand new to unix, so i have no idea if how easy or difficult. Installation of solaris 11step by step guide unixarena. Dec 19, 2011 oracle solaris 11 was officially released last month without any public sourcecode drop.

Below i have given some of basic solaris interview question with answer, these question generally will ask in l1 interview panel for solaris in all the it companys. During the enhancement of efi support on solaris 10, for solaris 9, dkiocgvtoc ioctl was only supported on a volume 1 tb dkiocgvtoc ioctl would return an inaccurate vtoc structure due to value overflow. Downloading solaris images from oracle using wget rageek. Displaying disk label information managing devices in. Jun 07, 2012 the short answer is yes, with limits, solaris 11 can be used without fee for personal, noncommercial, nonproduction use. Basic solaris interview questions and answers for l1 level. I installed oracle database 11gr2 on oracle solaris11 box using vm virtual machine, so id like to share my work with you. Solaris packages are installed by unpacking the compressed tar files directly into the install directory. Recently i had a dba at an ioug event complain that they were unable to install from the solaris 11. If you have no internet connection on your solaris machine, you can nevertheless download the whole solaris 11 repository from the same location where you download the media you already used look for oracle solaris 11. This vm template is for use in oracle vm virtualbox, a crossplatform tool that runs on windows, linux, mac os x, and oracle solaris.

Oracle solaris 11 system administration handbook offers endtoend deployment, configuration, and management instruction. Copied prtvtoc to original disk hi, it is solaris 10 with zfs. Nov 10, 2011 oracle solaris 11 11 11 can be installed in a number of different ways. Theres a bunch of the torrent sites but id prefer to stay away from those. It says there is a missing device driver and when i look it is a raid driver. In my previous video we saw the we could install oracle solaris 11 using the text only dvd which will install without the gui and the live dvd which boots into solaris from the dvd and will allow a graphical install. This latest update in our continuous innovation stream delivers many new features and enhancements to help secure your data, simplify the system and application lifecycle, and streamline your cloud journey, while preserving your current onpremises investment. Slice 2 represents all of the space within the fdisk partition. At least wget is in the base, but i dont see why lynx isnt. After answering questions about the preferred keyboard and language the graphical live install comes up. How to upgrade to specific not necessarily latest oracle fc hba driver and firmware version on a solaris 11 server. The prtvtoc command just displays the disk geometry and the fmthard command reads this for its input. Disks on x86based systems can be divided into 10 slices labeled slice 0 through slice 9. Solaris 11 is also known as solaris nevada or opensolaris, with a 5.

Mar 18, 2014 basically this article will help you to make confident in solaris basic level, which will help you in the l1 interview panel. We need to calculate the size from the output of prtvtoc. How to install an idr pkg using a p5p in solaris 11 elis blog. We choose the text only install and now we will look at how we. Oracle solaris 11 downloads oracle technology network oracle. On receiving the information from dhcp server, prom downloads inetboot, loads that file into memory, and executes it. Solaris 11 is binary compatible to solaris 10 and application binaries are working well on solaris 11. Solaris 11 express and solaris 11 support repositories explained doc id 1021281. Marco milo solaris packaging system aka ips is great, flexible and available online, so if you have your support license youre entitled to download all the updates from the official source. Images for several opensolaris versions are available. Jul 29, 2016 rambling a bit during my 2nd ever install of solaris 11. Packages for solaris 10 and 11 are available for sparc and i386 platforms. How to control allocated bandwidth of network interface on per appuser basis. Kernel zones are not supported by oracle vm virtualbox.

Jun 09, 20 installing oracle solaris 11 june 9, 20 by the urban penguin if you want to download the installation media for oracle solaris 11 for the intel platform you have the choice of the text install and the live media both are for the 64 bit platform, there is no longer a 32 bit version of solaris. Can i use the text install package that is only 400 mb. Oracle solaris formerly sunos is a commercial product that provides users with an integrated and full featured serveroriented platform that combines the powerful openstack open source. In this video, detailed step by step demonstration is being done on installation of oracle solaris 11. Opensolaris an open source operating system based on solaris created by sun microsystems. The link you posted that states otherwise is outdated, being years old and anyway related to solaris 8 and older. If you are an administrator of oracle solaris 11 systems you will very likely be aware that several of the critical installation and. I had a bunch of disks to layout and it occurred to me to simply save the output from prtvtoc and hard code it into a script. The original solaris operating system developed and maintained by the oracle company. Sun solaris unix commands and scripts harman research. Oracle solaris 11 oracle technology network oracle. There is no much difference compare to solaris 10 using dvdcd installation method and you need to answer very less questions. How to downgrade to different oracle fc hba driver and firmware version on a solaris 11 server.

How to increase the inodes on ufs file system with newfs command. Notice that there are no overlapped partitions and no references to cylinders in the following prtvtoc output. On oracle solaris 11 11, slices 0 through 7 are used for the same purposes as disk slices found on sparcbased systems. Solaris to aix use this reference to contrast the aix version 4. Both wireshark and gcc are standard solaris 11 packages. How to configure automated installer on solaris 11. The short answer is yes, with limits, solaris 11 can be used without fee for personal, noncommercial, nonproduction use. After mapping a new lun to the server the customer observed that several commands became unresponsive. How to copy the partition table from one disk to another with prtvtoc and fmthard command also for mirrored disks and solaris volume manager svm doc id 86408. This section describes the solaris tm system administration and maintenance utilities and is for system and network administrators. On solaris 11, the client components must are only installed in the zone where this command is run. Oct 02, 2016 this video is a walk through of the installation of solaris 11 live media in a virtual box virtual machine. Find answers to solaris prtvtoc commad from the expert community at experts exchange.

Tasks are grouped according to major categories that are listed below. To display disk label information, use the prtvtoc command. Installing gcc on oracle solaris 11 stack overflow. Before changing the solaris 11 ip address, please read on how the network is configured in oracle solaris 11.

Devices and file systems chapter 11 administering disks tasks tips and tricks for managing disks labeling multiple disks by using the prtvtoc and fmthard commands. Download the compressed file associated with your systems. Now that we have the base release of solaris 11 in our repo, apply it the latest updates. Example 3 using the prtvtoc command on a disk over one terabyte. Thanked 17 times in 15 posts copied prtvtoc to original disk. Apr 04, 2016 this document will describe the procedure to setup local ips repository on oracle solaris 11. This use is limited to developing, testing, prototyping and demonstrating applications using solaris, but the terms are loose enough that pretty much any personal, noncommercial, nonproduction use is allowed. However, popular packages are updated frequently and by subscriber request, more up to date packages may be also be present for other versions of solaris. Assuming c0t0d0 and c0t1d0 are mirrored in the zfs rpool, and c0t1d0 need to be replaced. At the heart of the filesystem are zfs pools which group disks. Although produced by oracle previously sun, these packages are not officially supported by them. Install the gui into a text only install of solaris 11. This project has a lively svn repository for build recipes, over foss softwares are available.

On solaris 10, this command installs the backuparchive client components in the global zone and in all running nonglobal zones. This screencasts walks through the steps involved in setting up a solaris 11 ips repository on a solaris 11 machine. Im talking about everything on the disk, so that either of those operating systems can boot from and run from the cloned disk. Its available for free download from sunupdate you. For example in aix bootinfo s diskname in hpux diskinfo b diskname but in solaris, there is no straight forward command to check the disk size. Oct 16, 20 installing applying an idr pkgpatch using a. Package names that are nonbold andor with no version number, are not currently available for this version of solaris. The automated installer is used to automate the installation of oracle solaris 11 on x86 and sparc architecture over the. The following tables contrast the structure of these operating systems. Jun 11, 20 installation of solaris 11 step by step guide june 11, 20 by lingeswaran r 3 comments many of the solaris beginners will be wondering that how to install solaris 11. For example, when one does a uname a this reports that the server has sunos 5.

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