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The present and future role of microfluidics in biomedical. Computational fluid dynamics is a very useful tool for understanding and predicting the behavior of such systems. Dropletbased microfluidic systems can be fundamentally categorized into two basic designs. The potential and application of microfluidic paperbased. Cdbased microfluidics for primary care in extreme pointofcare. Microarray technology is evolving as a powerful tool for biomedical and pharmaceutical applications to identify gene sequences or to determine gene expression levels. Gale fundamentals of micromachining microfluidic system concept concept one system to provide all of the possible required analyses for a given type problem all processing steps are performed on the chip no user interaction required except for initialization portable bedside systems possible labonachip. Bacterial expression systems for enzymatic activity in. Droplet microfluidics is among the most promising candidates for capturing and processing thousands of individual cells for wholetranscriptome or genomic analysis in a massively parallel manner with minimal reagent use. Friend harnessing the ability to precisely and reproducibly actuate.

For the last decade we have been providing access to microfluidic technology through two mechanisms. Dropletbased microfluidics, using waterinoil emulsion droplets as micro reactors, is becoming a widespread method for performing assays. The basic principle of droplet microfluidic systems. Design of a microfluidic based labonachip for integrated. Unlike continuous microfluidics, droplet based microfluidics manipulates only discrete volumes of fluids. Related content dripping and jetting in microfluidic multiphase flows applied to particle and fibre synthesis j k nunes, s s h tsai, j wan et al. The suitcasesized system recovers cells from a sample and analyzes the dna in less than an hour, while it currently takes 1 to 3 days in the lab. Microfluidics is a microtechnological field dealing with the precise transport of fluids liquids or gases in small amounts e. Here, we introduce a lateral flow microfluidic sieving. Currently, in its early development stages, paper based microfluidics is considered a lowcost, lightweight, and disposable technology. We recently established a method called indrops, which. Microfluidicsbased diagnostics of infectious diseases in the developing world. These colloidal crystals have been used in barcodes, sensors, displays, and drug delivery. Microdroplets offer the feasibility of handling miniature volumes.

The present and future role of microfluidics in biomedical research eric k. Paper based microfluidics can enable fluid handling and quantitative analysis for potential applications in healthcare, veterinary medicine, environmental monitoring and food safety. Quantitative cellbased reporter gene assays using droplet. O23 service compaq advisor compaq rba unknown owner c program files compaq compaq advisor bin compaqrba.

Singlecell barcoding and sequencing using droplet microfluidics. Surfactants in microfluidics research explorer universiteit van. Teaching singlecell digital analysis using dropletbased. Henrik bruus mic department of micro and nanotechnology technical university of denmark 30 august 2004 this second edition of the lecture notes has bene. The first section of the book contains chapters that focus on the most popular techniques for fabrication of microchips. Single bombyx mori cells are compartmentalized in nanoliter droplets which function as microreactors with a fold smaller volume than a microtiterplate well, together with eight or ten discrete concentrations of 20hydroxyecdysone, generated by onchip. Library of congress cataloginginpublication data nguyen, namtrung, 1970 fundamentals and applications of microfluidicsnamtrung nguyen, steve wereley. Protocol singlecell analysis and sorting using dropletbased.

Each of the listed methods provide a way to generate microfluidic droplets in a controllable. Functional screenings in dropletbased microfluidics require the analysis of various types of activities of individual cells. Fundamentals and applications of microfluidics second edition namtrung nguyen. Microfluidics software for simulating microfluidics devices. As the name suggests, microfluidics involves fluid flows at the.

Micropipettepowered droplet based microfluidics espci paris. Protocol singlecell analysis and sorting using droplet. Biodefense remains a major area or research in homeland defense as demonstrated by the recently unveiled microfluidics based device that detects anthrax or other suspect dna. University of groningen a dropletbased microfluidic platform. Currently, in its early development stages, paperbased microfluidics is considered a low.

We used a dropletbased microfluidic system to perform a quantitative cellbased reporter gene assay for a nuclear receptor ligand. Droplets are delivered to a selected storage chamber by use of a fluidic multiplexer 16, 17 to select the desired row and a series of column valves to select the desired column. In paper based microfluidics, capillary elements can be achieved through the simple. Like the vacuumtube computing revolution, such biological automation has already been highly productive and has led to whole genome sequencing and analysisa new revolution in biology. Threedimensional paper microfluidic devices assembled using the principles of origami. The dropletbased microfluidics utilizes the interaction between the interfacial tension and the fluidic shear force to break continuous fluids into uniformsized segments within a microchannel. Pdf dropletbased microfluidics as a future tool for. Microfluidics provide a new option for the preparation of high quality colloidal crystals. When screening for enzymatic activities, the link between the enzyme of interest and the informationbaring molecule, the dna, must be maintained to relate phenotypes to genotypes. This versatile approach has been used for engineering enzymes. I am writing to notify you about some upcoming changes for the stanford microfluidic foundry. It is a young discipline, which is expected to substantially expand over the next few years, stimulated by the considerable development of applications in the pharmaceutical, biomedical and chemical engineering domains. Singlecell analysis and sorting using dropletbased microfluidics.

The fundamentals of the devices are simple, but the achievements could be huge. Doctor rerum naturalium of the georgaugustuniversitat gottingen within the doctoral. Microfluidics in engineering journals microfluidics in multidisciplinary journals microfluidics in biology and medicine journals 80% 6% 14% infectious disease 1,200 85% 6% 9% figure 1 microfluidic publications in engineering, multidisciplinary, and biology and medicine journals from 2000 to 2012. Rational design of capillarydriven flows for paperbased microfluidics.

Microfluidic based miniature labonachip devices integrate different laboratory functionality in microscale. Publishers pdf, also known as version of record includes final page. Lin basic technologies for droplet microfluidics l. The coupling of continuousflow microfluidics and droplet based microfluidics therefore represents a fundamental step towards the formation of integrated systems that can perform a series of reactions in microdroplets with subsequent electrophoretic or chromatographic separation and mass spectrometric or hplc analysis of the reaction products. New era of microfluidics due to the advancement of micronano fabrication technology, microfluidics has been redefined. Microfluidic and labonachip devices 36 microfluidic devices closed chips continuous flow droplet based digital microfluidics open chips microfluidic probes mfp microarrays external pressure capillary effect electrokinetic mechanisms electrowettingondielectirc surface acoustic waves optoelectrowetting inkjet printing pinprinting. Introduction to microfluidics, 2010, 312 pages, patrick. We recently established a method called indrops, which has the capability to index 15,000 cells in an hour. Dropletbased microfluidic systems for highthroughput. This membrane microvalve is the fundamental component which enables liquids to be. The inkjet printing can deliver biomolecules and indicator reagents with precision into the microfluidic patterns, to form biologicalchemical sensing zones within the patterns and also complete sensing devices.

Using this technique, membrane microvalves can be produced. Kawai flow control methods and devices in micrometer scale channels l. Paperbased microfluidics can enable fluid handling and quantitative analysis for potential applications in healthcare, veterinary medicine, environmental monitoring and food safety. Microfluidics refers to the behaviour, precise control, and manipulation of fluids that are. This is a new fabrication method for the paperbased microfluidic devices which incorporates the paper sizing chemistry with digital inkjet printing technique li et al. Inertialorderingassisted droplet microfluidics for high. Microfluidics allows the manipulation of small quantities of reagents in a highthroughput manner and is therefore highly amenable to single cell characterization and more generally to digital analysis, with applications in fields as varied as genomics, diagnostics, directed evolution, and drug screening. The droplet based microfluidics utilizes the interaction between the interfacial tension and the fluidic shear force to break continuous fluids into uniformsized segments within a microchannel. Introduction to microfluidics patrick tabeling pdf. Wen electrorheological fluid and its applications in microfluidics j.

We used a droplet based microfluidic system to perform a quantitative cell based reporter gene assay for a nuclear receptor ligand. Soft lithography is a microfabrication process in which a soft polymer such as polydimethylsiloxane pdms is cast onto a mold that contains a microfabricated relief or engraved pattern. Genes, proteins and cells are fundamental building blocks of life and have been tremendously studied in. Droplet based microfluidics simulating microfluidic. A simple micropatterning process for paper based microfluidics. Dropletbased microfluidics manipulate discrete volumes of fluids in immiscible phases with low reynolds number and laminar flow regimes. Universityofljubljana facultyofmathematicsandphysics departmentofphysics seminar microfluidics author. Futterer 23092006 why traditional instruments are unsufficient complexity. This project aims at the integration of peripheral hardware into a single system, which is controllable from a pc. Dropletbased microfluidic techniques can form and process micrometer scale droplets at thousands per second. This protocol describes the use of twophase, dropletbased microfluidics systems for highthroughput singlecell analysis and sorting. Microfluidics has recently emerged as a new technology for studies at the small scale ranging from the biological sciences, soft matter, reactions and synthesis, highthroughput drug screening, encapsulation, and labonchip diagnostics whitesides, 2006. The active method for generation of droplets involves the use of an external factor such as an electric field for droplet generation.

Using microfluidic systems it is simple to generate highly monodisperse droplets anna. Cloggingfree microfluidics for continuous sizebased. Dna amplification in droplets was analyzed using an intercalating fluorochrome, allowing fast and accurate digital quantification of the template dna based on the poisson distribution of dna molecules in droplets. Droplet based microfluidics simulating microfluidic processes. A programmable dropletbased microfluidic device applied. Centrifugal or cdbased microfluidics allow for complex liquid handling to. Highthroughput cellbased screens can benefit considerably from the unique liquidhandling capabilities offered by microfluidic systems.

A rat instructed via a wireless receiver and brain implant to walk along a railroad track. Image processingbased measurement of volume for droplets in the microfluidic system weiwei 1, shuxiang guo1,2, fangwu 1, yuehui ji,yunliang wang, 1school of electrical engineering 2mech. Dropletbased microfluidics or digital microfluidics is a subclass of microfluidic devices, wherein droplets are generated using active or passive methods. The sorted droplets are then intentionally broken in order to recover the contents 22,23. Integrating immunology and microfluidics for single immune cell. We have developed a method for highthroughput isothermal amplification of single dna molecules in a droplet based microfluidic system. Solving eqn 6 with constants a a0 and r0 0 leads to, image file. Nguyen, nt and wereley, s fundamentals and applications of microfluidics, 2nd edition, artech house, isbn.

The microfluidics module can solve for stationary and timedependent flows in 2d and 3d, and can be coupled with any other addon products for further extension of the modeling capabilities. Spatiotemporal dynamics of cellularmolecular processes. Examples of applications and reaction schemes which rely on the discussed manipulation techniques are also presented, such as the fabrication of special materials and biophysical experiments. Universityofljubljana facultyofmathematicsandphysics.

Droplet based microfluidics often operate under low reynolds numbers to ensure laminar flow within the system. Microfluidics deals with fluids flowing in miniaturized systems. Moreover, three new chapters and two appendices have been added. Teaching singlecell digital analysis using dropletbased microfluidics. Their tendency to adsorb at interfaces and lowering interfacial tensions is predominantly of use for droplet based microfluidic systems. Fabrication techniques for microfluidic paperbased. Droplet size is often quantified with coefficient of variation cv as a description of the standard deviation from the mean droplet size.

Each droplet can house an individual biochemical reaction, allowing millions of reactions to be performed in minutes with small amounts of total reagent. Here the inverse calculation for paperbased microfluidics is described and validated by. Dropletbased microfluidics have evolved as a powerful platform. Introduction to microfluidics patrick tabeling translated from french by suelin chen oxford u. Introduction to microfluidics by lnf microfluidics workshop. May 20, 2016 in microfluidic filtration systems, one of the leading obstacles to efficient, continuous operation is clogging of the filters. Introduction to microfluidics paperback patrick tabeling. Interest in dropletbased microfluidics systems has been growing substantially in past decades. Microscale droplet systems can also allow for high throughput if there is a deep understanding of the droplet dynamics. Microfluidic devices based on different materials have been used for the assembly and synthesis of colloidal crystals. As the name suggests, microfluidics involves fluid flows at. Dynamics of surfactants at soft interfaces using dropletbased.

Using dropletbased microfluidics to improve the catalytic properties. In the later teen years and young adulthood, drinking and driving increases greatly. University of south carolina emch 792c micronanofluidics and. This creates a unique fluidic path that passes from the highpressure oil input, past the droplet metering module, to the selected chamber, and out to one of two lowpressure outlets waste or elution fig. Urbanski david craig mit hatsopoulos microfluids laboratory prof. These limitations can be overcome by using dropletbased microfluidics. One such example is for tracking particles released in the flow stream, which is made possible by combining with the particle tracing module. Teaching singlecell digital analysis using droplet based microfluidics. Introduction to microfluidics by lnf microfluidics. The sorted droplets are then intentionally broken in order to recover the contents22,23. Advances in microfluidics and labonachip technologies. Biodefense remains a major area or research in homeland defense as demonstrated by the recently unveiled microfluidicsbased device that detects anthrax or other suspect dna. Recent advances in droplet microfluidics have achieved the automatic isolation, lysis, and labeling of single cells in droplet compartments without c dropletbased singlecell sequencing.

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